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Article Writing Techniques - How to Write a Product Review?

Why is it so important to learn how to write product reviews effectively? Well, did you know that buyers have 12 times more trust in consumer reviews than manufacturers? In fact, 90% of people trust recommendations from friends, and 70% trust recommendations from unknown users. If you can write an article that provides a full review and ranks in the search results, you get the highest sales commission for that product. It's also good to do some research and writing. Review Fantasy is a modern day product review website that provides unbiased products reviews and recommendations

Before you start writing product reviews using some of the most creative techniques, you need to know the key elements you need to include in your article. they are:

1. Product description.

Your assessment should always begin with a short description of the product being tested. You don't need to go into details here. Readers just need to know that this is something they should be interested in and can solve their problems.

2. Main functions.

Provides a list of key product features, benefits, and specifications. Usually, you can get it from the sales page of the manufacturer or product creator. Bulleted lists work better, so readers can quickly select the features that interest them most.

3. Your own experience.

People want to hear directly from users about the product. If you haven't used the product yourself, your opinion will be affected from the beginning. Yes, you can use comments from others. However, it is always best to share your own personal experiences and examples whenever possible.

4. Comments from other buyers.

Your opinion is not enough. Readers want to see a series of comments to enhance their experience. That's why places like Amazon are so popular. Generally, you can read and summarize reviews from other buyers on websites such as Amazon or in testimonials on product sales pages.

5. Advantages and disadvantages.

Always provide a summary of the positive and negative aspects of the product. There is no perfect choice, and your opinion will be more credible if you admit that the product has defects or disadvantages. I hope they are only secondary, or you will not give a positive opinion at the beginning.

6. Image.

Needless to say, buyers want to see what they get. Include at least one good product image in your review.

7. Call for action.

Each article should always include a call to action at the end. Tell people what to do next. For product review articles, this usually means clicking a link to go to a product sales page.

In addition to these 7 elements, there are other techniques you can use to make your product review article truly influential:

Video reviews People love to see a real person reviewing a product. This makes it more credible and realistic. When you post your face in a comment, your audience will know what you mean. Viewing a product picture while describing it aloud can be very different in case you don't like the camera.

Your own image does not only depend on the image of the product creator. In many cases, these images cannot show the full content. Try to take pictures of the product from different angles, if any, please use the product actually.

Tips for using the product. Other elements to be included in the assessment are a series of tips for using the product. Write down what you have learned from your own experience, including the most effective methods and methods you should avoid.

Video recommendations from others. If available from the product creator, or if you can make your own, include videos of other users talking about the product and its favorite content.

Ways to overcome negative effects. Although you should include certain disadvantages in your assessment, this does not mean that you should consider them an important factor in your purchase decision. Discuss ways to overcome these negative effects. Or, the negative impact may only affect some people. You can even point out some negative things that are not harmful to you.

Finally, make sure to optimize your entire product review article for a specific keyword phrase. Otherwise it will not be found. Your goal should be to get your opinion first when someone searches for information. our products. Usually, this means adding product names and review words to your sentences. It must be in your article title, first paragraph, ending paragraph, and at least one subtitle and image tag.